Blizzard has posted a new video teaser revealing some of the new content coming with Heroes of the Storm’s following patches. This includes the new Diablo hero, Malthael, legendary-level Tychus and Tracer swimsuit skins, a spectacular new Raptor mount, and more! Without further delay, here’s all the new stuff we get to preview in the video:

1. Malthael, a new hero from the Diablo universe

Malthael will be a ranged assassin hero, possibly with good sustain, thanks to his Q ability, Soul Rip.


2. Power Drench Tychus, Slip ‘n Stream Tracer, and Bikini Stitches skins!

Summer is coming, and with that, we can expect a whole host of swimsuit- and beach-inspired skins. Blizz is kicking it off with Tychus, Tracer and… Stitches (!), all of whom seem to have appropriately styled abilities, water guns and everything.


3. Blood Raven Sylvanas

Blood Raven was among the very first mini-bosses in Diablo 2 – a corrupted rogue that you need to put to rest in Act 1. This is a very nice little tribute from Blizzard.


4. Tal Rasha Li-Ming

A powerful Horadric mage and original leader of the order, Tal Rasha volunteered to be the host and keeper of the soulstone shard in which Baal, the Lord of Destruction (Diablo 2 expansion set), had been trapped. He might have known that eventually, the prime evil will manage to take hold and break free, but we can be absolutely certain that he never, ever suspected he’ll one day turn into a Li-Ming skin!


5. Unraveler Zeratul

In what’s another Diablo 2 tribute, the Unraveler was the strongest variant of the Greater Mummy enemies the player had to face during Act 2 of the game.


6. Sir Murkalot skin

The name and appearance of this skin say it all. This is Sir Murkalot, and you shall pay for messing with his kin.


7. Battle Raptor, Surfboard, Whimsyshire Cloud mounts

The Battle Raptor mount is essentially a must-buy, in all of its color variants. That’s all there is to be said about it. Meanwhile, both the Surfboard and Whimsyshire Cloud mounts definitely look like a lot of fun – I have to say these are some of the strongest mount concepts Blizzard has come up with recently.


8. New summer- and beach-inspired sprays

Finally, we can conclude with a bunch of new sprays. If you ever happen to use those, well, this new set seems to include some pretty strong art in there.

Feel free to let us know which piece of new content gets you excited the most!


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