Heroes of the Storm to get a new assassin: Diablo’s Malthael

The Aspect of Death


A fresh assassin hero is on his way to HotS’ Nexus, and that’s Diablo’s Malthael, so-called Aspect of Death, but former ‘Aspect of Wisdom. Okay. From Blizzard’s introductory text:

Once the Aspect of Wisdom, Malthael abandoned heaven after the Worldstone’s destruction. In secret, he had resolved to end the Eternal Conflict by becoming a Reaper of Souls and eliminating everything affected by demonic corruption, including humanity.

And while Malthael sounds like a reasonably troubled guy, he seems to have been designed with both good sustainability and damage in mind. His trait is Reaper’s Mark, which gets applied by his basic attack and E ability, revealing enemies and dealing damage equal to 2.5% of their maximum health each second. Scary stuff! His Q (Soul Rip), however, will allow him to sustain himself by healing him for every enemy with Reaper’s Mark, potentially turning him into a decent XP contributor.

There’s no specific release date announced for Malthael yet, but if Blizzard sticks with its 3-week release pattern, it means he should be arriving at the Nexus sometime next week.


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