Heroes of the Storm June 1 patch brings balance adjustments, D.Va is nerfed


A new patch has been released for Heroes of the Storm, brining a bunch of tweaks for a total of 12 heroes. Nothing seems to stand out in particular, though we couldn’t help but notice a swift nerf for D.Va, slightly lowering the bonus boost of “Hit the Nitrous” level 1 talent (from 375 to 325%), as well as adjusting the threshold for Ablative Armor (lvl 13 talent) activation from 5 to 4% health. That is, Ablative Armor will now kick in as D.Va’s health gets to 4% or lower of her maximum HP.

Absurdly good D.Va cosplay by Aza Miyuko

Another notable change we can file under the ‘nerf’ column is for Probius, the brave little probe that keeps frustrating heroes on the battleground with his Warp Rifts, Pylons, Photon Cannons and what not! Most notably, the damage of his Disruption Pulse (Q) has been decreased from 150 to 142, while Pylon Overcharge’s (R) damages is also going down, from 52 to 48.

On the other hand, Tassadar is getting enhanced across the board, with stronger attack damage and higher life steal potential. Another hero who’s getting the buff love is Tyrande, with lower Shadowstalk (R) cooldown and mana cost, along with a couple of improved talents.

For the full list of changes, just hit the source link below. And for more pics of Aza Miyuko’s impressive cosplays, check out her Instagram channel here.


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